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Vecchio 25-11-2010, 17:24
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Predefinito Hybrid 9700 OS6 "Barracuda Series 4"

Hybrid 9700 OS6 "Barracuda Series 4"
Mix java .294/.333/.337/.344/.357/.359

Download here : Hybrid 9700 Barracuda Series 4

* Help screen : and About screen :
* Include BBM Hybrid v1
* Video Features blackberry launcher at startup time and video to setup wizzard and picture samples and video samples are to be "temporary disabled" and can be enabled with choice "Enable Mediakit" when load the OS via Desktop Manager or Loader.exe (will go to application third party).
* Some fonts are included in the category arial, courier, times, Trebuchet, Verdana, Georgia, and tahoma are "temporary disabled" and can be enabled with choice "Enable Miscs Font 6" at the time of load os via Desktop Manager or Loader.exe (to be entered into third party applications).
* Bug Fixing Option in dialscreen due TTY feature. If you are still desperate to do the shrink do not get to shrink the file named "net_rim_phone_tty_enabler".
* The option to enable the event log, ringtones os 5, ringtones os 6, Avatar for BlackBerry Messenger, Sample Backgrounds / Wallpapers, and search features available in BlackBerry OS 6.

What you must do:
1. Installing leaked/official OS 9700 to your PC
2. Go to my computer/local disc C/program files/common files/Research in Motion/Shared/9700M_v6.0.0.358_P6.6.0.63/ then delete all the data inside the 9700M_v6.0.0.358_P6.6.0.63 folder.
3. Extract "Barracuda Series 4 OS6" to your PC..and put the all files inside "Barracuda Series 4 OS6" folder to 9700M_v6.0.0.358_P6.6.0.63
4. Don't forget to delete vendor.xml before the installation
5. Don't shrink again because this hybrid already minimized for free memory

BlackBerry Storm virusman89 hibryd
BlackBerry 9700 Berrylicious Ultimate Hybrid
BlackBerry 9900 BL 7.1 Ultimate Special Edition for AT&T -
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Vecchio 25-11-2010, 17:24

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